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Our value proposition is that we are invitation only and do not allow any distractions. In other words, we do the opposite of what other event companies do. Our focus is solely on one thing - our participating members.

Assemble a room of high performing business executives and the potential is enormous.

This is your organization, don't just take our word for it ...


What makes the world’s best athletes so good?

They surround themselves with individuals that are critical to them achieving success. And remember, like any skill, you have to constantly practice to get the most out of them. 


Connecting at the highest levels

Executive Connection is DFW’s premier executive development and networking organization. We have served as the platform for senior leaders to build relationships, share ideas, and develop new business opportunities. What we are not is a forum for sales and business development types looking to schedule coffee meetings - not here.

Membership is only available to: Chairman, Board member, CXO, President, and VP+ level. Membership is limited to invitation; therefore, high importance is placed on the confidentiality of our members. Other qualifications include:

  • Company’s annual revenues in excess of $250 million.

  • Must abide by the Membership Charter.

  • Must stay current with yearly membership due.

If your personal brand is just not there yet, then we suggest you join us.

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2019 event schedule

Come join the most prominent, executive-only organization in DFW.

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